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Furniture and accessories store - Megasources

The 3160 squarefeet store is designed in alignment with the array of modern and contemporary furniture sold by the company. The existing structure has been adaptively reused to enhance the character of the display spaces. An N girder was introduced to do way with the grid of 50 columns holding up the mezzanine, eventually reduced to 2.

The large corten signage ‘DEFURN’ is scaled to make it unmissable when you pass by. ‘DEFU’ slides out to make way for movement of furniture into the store. The old entrance is transformed to a cantilevered bay window becoming the display for their signature product.
One enters the store at the upper level. A perforated steel partition screens the showroom from the entrance lobby. A staircase takes you down to the lower space through a double heighted volume. The staircase doubles up as a display unit and a seperator in the lower level.


3800 sq.ft.




Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

  • Scale : 3800 sq.ft.
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.