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jewellery factory + corporate office - kiran jewellery limited

A factory-cum-office building located on a rectangular plot at one of the road junctions, within
the special economic zone, was planned to propose a jewellery factory for an ever
increasing demand of jewels to cater large export volumes. A very functional highly secured
building yet appealing to their international visitors was considered as a design brief. The
blank facades of the building with smaller fixed glass pane fenestrations like fortress in
appearance defined its image of being secured. The building was distinctly separated
internally for visitors and staff entry/exits passing through a high level of surveillance and
protocol checks at the ground floor level. The factory was planned as multi-storey four level
structure including basement with two sets of staircases diagonally located at the ends of the
building. Upper levels constituted of the various factory functions with the top level being
connected directly from the lobby through an elevator housing the top management offices,
meeting rooms and part factory zone. The basement consisted of storage facilities and

future factory extension. The logistics and inventories of the factory, also, were accessed
through the ground floor level.







  • Scale : 35000sq.ft
  • Status : proposed
  • Location : Andheri,Mumbai