somerset 5, mumbai

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The apartment is designed keeping in mind the rich historic context it belongs to. Set in the pre-independence, luxury residential building of Somerset House, this apartment boasts of spacious rooms and tall ceilings characterised by shapely, evident beams. The 9” square marble and cement floors with contrasting edging inspired us to maintain the old world charm in the residence and render it in its former glory. Walls were finished in pigmented lime plaster that echoed the past. White, latte brown, yellow and sea foam green shades of lime were chosen to add character and depth to the spaces while being smooth and matte to touch. Restricting coves to the walls maximised the beauty of the 3.6 meter height, washing the rooms in soft indirect light and concealing new electricals and AC pipes. Bathrooms were remodelled to allow for natural light, new plumbing and exhaust systems. All the doors were repaired, buffed and refinished in pristine white with custom designed black hardware. These double doors with ventilators, set in 400mm walls speak the language of elegance and eternal beauty throughout the home.


3200 sq.ft.




Colaba, Mumbai.

  • Scale : 3200 sq.ft.
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Colaba, Mumbai.